Ill Wind
Berred v's Hendix
Those Boston boys STYX
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter and Tom
Berred in Intermedia
in a re-make of "The Day of The Triffids"

Berred was the sound engineer for The Boston Tapes. Topper and Pete have been firm friends ever since. Here are some guys we met at the time, namely Jeff Baxter, Styx and Ill Wind. Berred was also a stage sound engineer at Woodstock for Quill.
Berred at Woodstock
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Berred in the back of a van
They say "It's an ill wind that blows no good". 
That didn't apply here. We all fell in love with Connie
This is Berred walking through Gorky Park with a Russian spy in front, hoping for a spy swap. Notice Berred carrying a short wave radio his right hand and a hidden standard issue pistol in his left hand. The lady on Berred's left is another CIA agent. She's talking to the Russians with her handset.

Or on the other hand, it could be Berred and friends walking in the Boston snow
Nika and Berred  ( Berred's daughter)
     In the words of a famous British comedian, "Who knew?"  My band, Quill had been doing community performances as a public relations effort for the show.  We had visited the performance site a few times as it was being constructed and we knew that it was a beautiful location.  We were the first band scheduled on stage for the Saturday show.  That morning all the roads to the festival were closed due to traffic.  Instead, we flew in on Saturday morning by helicopter, too bad for Iron Butterfly.  There were two helicopters on a makeshift landing pad by the Holiday Inn where all the performers were staying.  One was a sleek, white aluminum and glass Bell and the other was troop transport supplied by the US army.  We flew in the military chopper.  The way these machines are made, the pilots are in the cockpit about four feet higher than cargo/passenger section so, all we could see of them was their boots on the rudder pedals.  There was a big sliding door on the side for loading in people and equipment but, the door was jammed open.  So, we jumped in and they tied a rope across the opening so no one would fall out.  One of our band crew thought he was too cool (or jaded) to put any significance on this opportunity and so sat on a bench in the rear of the payload compartment chewing on a tooth pic.  I, however, was hanging out the side door on that rope taking in every molecule of the moment.  I am not that cool.
     It had rained the day before and the air was humid so, we were flying low over the hills to stay out of the clouds and fog.  At first the roads we flew over were empty back country roads.  But, as we were getting closer to the festival site, I could see people camping in farm fields and open meadows, the roads now clogged with abandoned cars.  About 10 minutes into the flight the chopper gained some altitude and as we came over a ridge, I could see the festival sight below.  I was shocked by the amount of brown mud caused by the rain.  Then I realized it wasn't mud but the hair on the heads of 400,000 people!  Too bad for the tooth pic chomping "cool" guy in the back, he'll never have the exhilaration or memory of that moment.
     In that part of my career having just started in the music and sound business two years earlier I though, this is how it will always be.  Yes, I've seen the glory, I've seen the nadir.  But, still here to tell the story.
     Hope all is well.

We're not sure whether Berred has a shed or not, but if he did, it would be an American shed.

An Email from Berred about his time at Woodstock (Scary)
What appears to be the remnants left over at a cook out