Bob Doughty
Bob Doughty  Bass  This short biog was taken from the sleeves notes for "Keep a Clear Head"

Bob first started playing in bands at school, mainly playing "Spencer Davis, The Who and Kinks" covers  etc.  His first band  "The Kretins" and second band "All Night Workers" played local clubs and school functions.  In his early twenties, he depted for the bass player in a band called "Arthur Brown Quartet" and stayed for two years, playing slushy MOR insipid dance music.  He moved to Hampshire in 1974 and joined a band called "Natural Gas" and yet again played  insipid MOR stuff.(These ar Bob's own words).  Another two years with them and he joined a band called "Scope", who won a local band contest and Bob managed to hang in with them for four years.  Another stand in for country band "The Elle Scott Band" ended up lasting 8 years.  He drifted into NYPL on the occasional bassis and finally joined in 1998. Bob's natural leaning towards MOR and insipid material  has allowed the band to prosper, leaving them no choice but to turn a blind ear to any ideas he may have. This is of course not true. Bobs contributes as much as any of us in the quest to remain the same.

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