Brian Parrish
It would be pointless to write a biog about Brian, because he's done it himself so eloquently, on his own website and so.... Pete Morrison remembers:
I first met Brian in 1968 when he'd just joined NYPL. He and Topper came to see me play at The Star & Garter in Leeds. I was then with Sleepers Wake who were an untroubled little outfit playing our brand of soul and R&B in the distinct style of Stevie Winwood, until Brian came along that is. Some of the guys in the band and my other mates (Bruce, Kev, Nick the Fish and Roger) went to York University to see him play with NYPL. They opened up with "If I Were a Carpenter". This 20 minute blockbuster had bolero's, flamenco's, cinquecinto's, everything in there and when the final word "carpenter" was sung, our jaws were on the ground. "That's what we want to be doing, stuff like," we said, "that's it" That wasn't it, we couldn't even trim the edges. It had all been done by Brian and NYPL. I think this led to the eventual demise of Sleepers Wake. We just lost the will.
Had fate not taken its way, we could have met Brian and Topper with The Knack, 2 years earlier at The Boulevarde in Tadcaster. They played there the week before us and the resident D. J. never stopped talking about them, especially this cocky little cockney called "Topper". With less than a minute to go, Topper still had his kit in bits. The D. J. was going spare but, Top assured him that they would be ready on the dot playing. They were and that pissed off this guy who bent our ears with it a week later and time after time after that. Had I seen Brian then, it might have blunted the blow I was to receive 2 years later.
Brian wrote great songs and it was he who inspired me to write. He was (is) also a great performer and that's something you have or you haven't.
Brian has been through several dark satanic mills, more than most, but he is still performing and now lives in Germany with his new wife Angela.
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Brian's own web site contains a vast array of pictures
Brians new album "Traveller" is now out. Look on his web sitye for further details