The Cherokees
The Cherokees;  John Woollard asa Roy Starr, briefly, Vocals - Tez Stokes Lead Guitar - David Bower, Rhythm Guitar - Mick Sweeney,  Bass Guitar - Jim Green, Drums.   They were the first Leeds band to have a hit record with "7 Golden Daffodils" which went to No 17 in 1965.  In 1966 they changed their name to New York Public Library as Jim Green  left and was replaced Mick Ibbotson.
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Below are promotional pictures of "You Must Be Joking". A 1965 Michael Winner film. The Cherokees appeared as cavemen and drove around Piccadilly Circus several times the wrong way. This was shot very early on Sunday morning, but Dave, as he was driving, still managed to get nicked by the police.