Pete Morrison; Lead and back-up vocals, lead and rythmn guitar and Sitar
Tez Stokes; Back-up vocals, lead guitar
David Bower; Back-up vocals, bass guitar
Graham "Topper Clay; Drums, percussion and lead vocals on Midnight Shift
additional musicians:
Andy Curtis piano on Raining in my Heart
Sue and Sunny; backing singers on Raining in my Heart
Brian Parrish lead singing on Raining in my Heart
An unknown person badly playing melotron on What To Do

"Baby My Heart"  was taken from the sessions recorded in Boston 18months later. The original "Baby My Heart" was altered against the bands wishes as was "Little Baby" and "Raining in My Heart". These contained lead vocals by singers not in the band. We think Johnny Gustavson sang on "Baby My Heart" and the first verses of "Little Baby". We know Brian sang on Raining in My Heart, but at least he was a former member of NYPL.They were strange days in the bands history.  We do have an original tape of Pete singing Baby my Heart and I'm Gonna Be Strong and Raining In My Heart, but unfotunately these tapes are in a bad condition. We also recorded "It's Too Late", but it was never finished.

All arrangements NYPL

Recorded at Central Sound Studio, Denmark Street, London 1969
Produced by; NYPL and Andy Curtis
Engineer; Andy Curtis
String and Brass arrangements; Mike Batt

This album was originally put out in 1971 as Raw Holly against our wishes, after a court injunction, ruled in our favour. No money ever came our way from sales of this album which was released in Europe and US but not UK. The single "Raining in my Heart" however was released in UK in 1971 and became a BBC record of the week. The band was offered to do BBC's "Top of the Pops" but stupidly refused.

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