1  A Shot of Rythmn and Blues (Thomson)
2  Break My Mind (John D Loudermilk)
3  Tennessee Local (S&E Nelson, Dupree)
4  My Babe (Hatfield, Medley)
5  If I Had Any Pride (Troy Seals,Eddie Setzer and John Greenbaum)
6  Mona Lisa (Livingstone Evans)
7  For What It's Worth (Stephen Stills)
8  Throwing It Away (Pete Morrison)
9  Worrying Kind (Diane Lampart, Alison Dewer)
10 You Can Count On Me (Karl Rylander)
11 Wagon Train (John K Woollard)
12  I Can't Stop Loving You (Don Gibson)
13  Rock n Roll Heart (John K Woollard)
14  You Win Again (Hank Williams)
15  Going Back (Goffin and King)
16  (Today) Is For My Tears (John K Woollard)
17  Chimes Of Freedom (Dylan)

John Kirby Woollard;  Lead and back-upVocals, Cowbell
Pete Morrison; Lead and back-upVocals, Guitars, harmonica
Karl Rylander; Lead and back-upVocals, Guitars, harmonica
Graham "Topper" Clay; Drums and percussion
Dave "Lofty" Reng; Pedal Steel and electric guitars
Bob Doughty; Bass guitar
Additional instruments Miles Seabrook; keyboards, string and brass arrangements

Produced by NYPL and Miles Seabrook
tracks recorded at Park Studio, Bracknell by Damon Sawyer
Vocals,Overdubs and mixed by Miles Seabrook at Barns Studio, Barkham

This album is dedicated to the memory of Paul Servis

In 2003 Miles tragically died of a brain hemorrhage

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