David "Lofty" Reng
Dave "Lofty" Reng  Pedal Steel Guitar  This short biog was use on the sleeve notes of "Keep a Clear Head"

Lofty came into music via Piano and was introduced to the guitar by schoolmate Ritchie Blackmore, (of Deep Purple and Rainbow fame) and  played with him in the school skiffle group.  In 1967 he moved from Hounslow to Camberley and soon introduced himself to local musicians who frequented the after gig café's (ha ha) and various pubs which is where he met Topper, Karl and Peter.  An early interest in music was rekindled when the band "Threewheel" was formed, fronted then by the now leader of The Monster Raving Loony Party, Alan Hope.  Over the years both Topper and Karl played with this outfit.  In 1973 he built a pedal steel guitar which gave him 20yrs of service playing my many sides of country music.  He enjoys the diversity of the Music NYPL play.

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