Mick Ibbotson
Mick played with NYPL between late 1965 and early 1967. This awesome drummer's technical prowess goes beyond reproach. It came about through a solid routine 8 hour day practising, playing along to the likes of Buddy Rich and Max Roach, the greatest drummers of their time. If Mick is not working in caberet clubs then he is on the ships or at the end of a pier (pissing in the wind) Mick, Topper and Pete propped up a few bars together in their time. I think if Mick was to tell of his favourite time playing music, I'm sure it would be NYPL. We can only hope he is still playing as his talent would be wasted propping up more bars, although it never stopped me. John never stopped talking about Ibbo.
Pete Morrison
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The chances of getting any pictures of Mick are pretty remote as nobody has seen or heard of him in years. Only one survives and that's Mick second one down under John