Steve Corker- Pete (Shut yer mouth) Morrison- Colin Corker -Trevor Marshall
Clive Spinks-Trevor Marshall-Tracy Coleman-Pete Morrison-Steve Corker
Peter Morrison  Lead guitar, Vocals

Pete resided first in the huge Quarry Hill council Flat complex in the centre of Leeds and when he was 11, the family moved to the East Leeds district called East End Park.  
Pete joined his first band, The Beatroots, when he was 15 in 1963. They were a group of guys, just like himself, who lived on the Sugarwell council estate, Meanwood, Leeds. 
Bass player, Colin Corker was the first to leave, to join, at that time, the illustrious "Grumbleweeds" They were huge on the workingman's club circuit. He was replaced by Clive Spinks and Clives dad became their manager, changed there name to The Zeros and then alledgedly  proceeded to rip them off. Tracy Coleman joined in 1964 and they became Tracy and the Zeros. When Tracy left at the beginnuing of 1966, The Zeros carried on for a few months and then split. They reformed the next day as Sleepers Wake with Colin Corker back on bass. Sleepers Wake lasted until 1969 and nobody is sure what happened. Like Pete's old mate Geoff Ashford's band, they got out of the van one day and never got back in it. Pete joined NYPL in August 1969.
John  K Woollard - David Bower -  Howard Fullbrook - Pete Morrison
"They all lived in a house together. A bit like Traffic did with sex and Rock n Roll but no drugs." (quote Graham Walker)
David Bower-Pete Morrison-Keith Purnell-Jeff Rich-Some Aussie
John Woollard (sat down)
Top row
John Danter-Graham Walker-Andy Hill-David Bower
Front row
Pete Morrison-John K Woollard
Mick ? vox and Bass - Vic Elms Lead vox and guitar - Pete Morrison vox and Guitar - Mick Blakely Drums

Beatroots 1963
Tracy and The Zero's 1965
B.M.W.   1978
Little Big Man 2   1976
Christie 1982
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Pete gave this Lake Placid blue Tokai to Andy. I don't think he plays it anymore. One day he may get it back.
A Merlin Tadcaster. The body came out of Windsor Castle. Pete's old friend Dick Kempston worked there as furniture renovator and he gave him a chunk of mahogany that came from the throne room. There's a chance Charles II or Queen Victoria may have sat on it or other things.  Pete made it with that in mind.
Pete at The Victoria Hotel, Largs, Scotland, with The Micky Kemp Band.
July 2009

Steve Corker                  Pete Morrison                        Clive Spinks                Trevor Marshall

This was taken in the pub at the end of  Wastewater, the deepest lake in The Lake District. They  camped at the side of Wastewate near the roadside  and after this session Pete fell asleep in his  sleepingbag and rolled into the lake. It rained a lot, so they  went to Morecombe.  Pete and Steve were 16, Clive was 14 and Trevor was 17
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The Zero's 1964
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