Sam Clark
Sam Clark   Lead Guitar

Sam started playing guitar at the age of 3 and by the time he was 8, he was practising to the strains of  NYPL. At the age of 15 he joined his first band "Never Mind", who did garage covers mainly Nirvana. He toured England and Scotland with "The Mickey Kemp Band" playing lead  guitar and bass.  He played bass with U.S. bands, "The Stolen Bibles", "Joe D'urso" and "Slobberbone" on various Badlands tours  throughout Britain.  He joined a number of local outfits, playing original material, with the hope of retaining a record deal. Apart from NYPL, until recently he played with   "Moscow Flyer" who have an ear for writing great music and songs and if they had the right management,  they would be there along with the likes of Snow Patrol and The Kaiser Chiefs. Their music can be heard by a link to Pete Morrison biog page and their own My Space site. Sam left the Flyers in November 2008 and wishes them well in their quest. 
Sam's still playing and recording with NYPL, when he finds his phone that is.

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Sam with Brent from Slobberbone, in Rowledge 2003
Sam with The Micky Kemp Band, fullmooning at The Half Moon, Putney 2004
Sam and Pete with The Micky Kemp Band, Hindhead, 2004
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Moscow Flyer montage
Julie Kember and The Flaming Galah's
Could this be a 15 year old Sam "Cobaine" Clark and The Seattle Jagstangs ? 2003
Band was called
Never  Mind
Over the past couple of years, Sam has pursued a number of herculean tasks, including "Jumping the broomstick" and mending boat yards. He's now pursuing a fresh start on an old guitar.
Sam has being doing some musical recording projects with Kim Wilde and various other film projects. He's off to Cornwall for the winter and hopes to get a few sessions down there.