1 Tobacco Road (version 2)
2 Get Off Your High Horse
3  Round and Round
4  Red Light Lady
5  Don't You Know
6  Mr Man
7  Someday I Will
8  Time Is a Healer (version 2)
9  Get Out And See
10  Time and Tide
11  It's Alright
12  Turn Out The Light
13  You're My Everything

all songs except Tobacco Road written by Bower, Morrison and Woollard
Lead and back up vocals John Woollard and Pete Morrison
Back up vocals and Bass; David Bower
Guitars; Pete Morrison
Lead guitars; John Danter
Keyboards; Andy Hill
Drums and percussion; Graham Walker

Recorded as Little Big Man in Morgon Studios Willesdon London 1975
except tracks 5,7,9,11, recorded at Orange, London 1976
Produced by David Mindel
Engineer Roger Quested
String and brass arrangements; Steve Grey
The Chanter Sisters; Backing vocals on You're My Everything
Gary Winder; Sax on Red Light Lady and You're My Everything
Paul Servis; string bass
B. J. Cole; Pedal Steel on Round and Round
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The reason we changed the name at this point was because  NYPL as a band contravened the trades description act in the USA. It has to be said that Pete lived next door to The New York Public Library and swimming pool, in Leeds, UK, before it was demolished in the early 80's. We changed our name back after the flood
Outside The New Victoria Theatre London. We rehearsed there everyday for 6 months and did 2 gigs.
This unreleased album was recorded in Alabama in 1974. Personel was, John Woollard, David Bower, John Danter, Jeff Rich and Pete Morrison. It was produced by Swampdogg and engineered by David Johnson
"What Am I To Do" was written by Peter and Topper. One day Pete will master it.
Recorded in Pye Studios and Air Studios London, by Jerry (Swampdogg) Williams prior to going to Alabama in 1974.
Personnel John Woollard, Pete Morrison David Bower, Brian Parrish (on Mr Man at Air), Jeff Rich and Keith Purnell