Tez Stokes
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Life for Tez changed in 1957 when he first heard "That'll Be The Day" by the Crickets.  Money was tight but a mate of his dad provided a mandolin which was absolutely no bloody use at all.  He and his mate Mick Gillen eventually bought guitars and until they learned English tuning had a difficult time reproducing the hits of the day.  The penny finally dropped and they formed the Teenage Crickets in 1959 with Jim Green on drums, Tez lead guitar and Mick on bass. Then in 1960 Tez joined  the Rhythmics for a short time, gigging in the Leeds area with Mick Gillen, Mally Fairclough and Frank Pogson plus a front man on keyboards called Graham whose surname is forgotten. In 1961 he joined up with Jim Green, Mike Sweeney and later Dave Bower as rhythm guitar, to form what would become the Cherokees.  Don Harding provided vocals until John Woollard joined in the summer of 1962.

At The Star Club Hamburg
with NYPL
At The Bat and Ball with John
doing early Elvis
Sitting in with NYPL at The Bat and Ball
With NYPL at Frensham
We were under the stars but over the moon
Stood up reading a book
Tez with his Fender Jaguar at The Star Club, Hamburg.
Tez and Mo